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Brady BMP51 Printer

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$1,000.00 inc GST

A versatile label maker which truly is made to get all your jobs done, quickly, easily and while you’re on the go! When you need labels, you NEE…

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Brady BMP51 Printer

$1,000.00 inc GST
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A versatile label maker which truly is made to get all your jobs done, quickly, easily and while you’re on the go!

When you need labels, you NEED labels and the Brady BMP®51 Label Maker is the unit to get the job done quickly and easily. Hassle-free cartridge loading, Brady Workstation software, fast print speeds and a wide selection of durable label materials make the BMP®51 the popular choice for many working environments.

When you need cable flags, centrifuge labels, cryo labels, data centre labels, electrical wiring and cable labels, EPREP labels, laboratory labels or any other general use label, the 300 dpi print head combined with 25mm per second print speed will have them printed in no time.

With the choice of AA batteries, AC adaptor or rechargeable Li-Ion battery options and a range of connectivity options, the BMP®51 is ideal to carry around the workplace or have at the ready on the workbench or in your tool kit. With the ribbon and material in the same cartridge, there’s not a need to worry that you won’t have the correct ribbon to suit the material.

Watch the BMP51 video to see exactly how easy it is use and how fast it will get the job done

Contact Express Printers today to order your Brady BMP®51 Label Maker.

In Express Printers, you can be assured that you are dealing with one of the leading suppliers of Brady Printers in Australia. We have the cartridges and labels suited to the BMP51 ready to ship to you anywhere in Australia.

Fast delivery plus the back-up of the specialist Express Printers problem-solving team to support you.

Shop now for your Brady BMP®51 Label Maker from Express Printers.

BMP®51 Label Printer Features

The Brady BMP®51 Label Maker places fast, easy label making in the palm of your hand.

Faster and Easier to save you time

  • Fast print speed of 25mm per second.
  • No calibration required. The automatic label formatting software and material recognition feature handles all that for you.
  • Bluetooth® technology built-in and wireless printing via a network capability with optional WiFi card
  • Backlit graphical display, large 3.2” screen
  • Indicators on-screen show material remaining, battery level and other assistors
  • Durable cutter with label retention conveniently built-in
  • Power options: AC adaptor, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, AA batteries
  • Advanced label design software
  • Rugged design and construction, tested to survive a 4’ drop onto concrete
  • Die-cut and continuous label materials – up to 1.5” wide
  • 20+ material types, 190+ label parts
  • Prints continuous labels up to 40’ in length
  • Hassle-free operation – label and materials in the one cartridge
  • ‘Jam-free’ technology, cartridges just snap into place
  • Ribbon and material install/remove in one step
  • Always have the right ribbon for the right material
  • Less waste as both ribbon and material are used at same rate
  • Auto locking mechanism prevents the labels from retracting back into the cartridge

Brady Workstation Software

  • When you need to create wire marking and product identification labels, these Suites and Apps are your go-to solution. It allows you to create basic text labels or labels with graphics and custom formatting, and serialise and import data. If you need to create labels for your product or wires and cables, these are the software's for you!

Label Printer Pack Includes:-

  • Brady BMP®51 Label Maker
  • Brady Workstation Software
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Brady Network Card to enable built-in Bluetooth®
  • AC power supply/battery charger
  • Battery tray for AA batteries (capacity 8 batteries)
  • Hard carrying case
  • MC-1500-595-WT-BK cartridge
  • Product CD
  • Brady Printer Driver CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB connection cable

Warranty Information:-

The Brady BMP®51 has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty*

*Warranty valid on new purchase and for all optional printer configurations. View Full Terms and Conditions.

Express Printers is proud to be a major supplier of Brady Printers in Australia and we have made the commitment to Brady and our customers to provide full support from our specialist, problem-solving team.


The Brady BMP®51 is a hand-held, portable label maker which is suited to many applications with 20+ materials and 190+ label options

  • Audio/visual labelling
  • Cable and wire marking
  • Data communications labelling
  • Facility ID requirements
  • Maintenance and equipment labelling
  • Laboratory ID
  • Safety labelling
  • Cable flags
  • Centrifuge labels
  • Cryo labels
  • Data centre labels
  • Electrical applications
  • EPREP labels

Specifications for the Brady BMP®51 Label Maker

Colour Capability: Single Colour Printing
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: 25mm/1” per sec max
Barcode Capability: YES
Dimensions: 6” H x 6” W x 3.6” D
Weight: 1.44kg/2.6 lbs
Keyboard: QWERTY
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Display Size: 3.2”
Display Screen: LCD backlit graphics display
Font Sizes: 4pt to 103pt text
Fonts: Brady Alpine, Brady Fixed Width
Symbols: 444
Special Characters: 123
Multi Line Print: YES
Print Rotation: YES
Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Label Retention: YES
Memory: 48 MB
Printed Label Length: 25’ max.
Label/Tape Width: 38.1mm/1.5” max
Label/Media Format: Cartridge – M series
Cutter: Single hand manual actuate; straight cut
Power Supply: 110 to 240 V
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery; optional AA battery
Recharge Time: 3 hours
Warranty: 2 years
Labels: Continuous and Die Cut
Labels per day: 500 max.
Qty/UOM: 1 each

Label Types

Compatible Labels and Ribbons for the Brady BMP®51 Portable Label Printer

  • Cable Flags
  • Centrifuge Labels
  • Conical and Large Tube Labels
  • Continuous Tapes
  • Cryo Cane Labels
  • Cryo Tube Labels
  • Data Centre Labels
  • Electrical Component Labels
  • Laboratory ID
  • Reflective Labels
  • Rough Surface Labels
  • Self-Laminating Labels
  • Slide Labels for Lab
  • Straw and Rod Labels for Lab
  • Tamper Resistant Labels
  • Terminal Block Markers
  • Wire Marking and Cable Flags
  • Wrap-around Cable and Wire Marking Labels


  • Brady Network Card for Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet 
  • Brady Network Card Bluetooth Only For BMP50 Series Printers
  • Charger and AC Adaptor for BMP50 Series Printers
  • Hard Carry Case for BMP50 Series Printers
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack For BMP50 Series Printers
  • Magnet for BMP50 Series Printers 
  • Soft Carry Case For BMP50 Series Printers
  • Spare Battery Tray for BMP50 Series Printers 
  • USB Cable for BMP50 Series Printers

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