Red 63mm to 125mm - Gate Valve Lockout




  • GATE VALVE LOCKOUTS Red 63mm to 125mm
  • Make locking out valves safe and easy with the Brady Gate Valve Lockouts
  • Size to fit valve handles from 62mm to 125mm in diameter
  • Made of durable non adherent plastic to resist chemicals and hot and cold temps
  • New stainless steel hinge design for added strength and security
  • Now available in red blue green and yellow for added versatility
  • Unique knockout feature accommodates OS and Y or rising stem gate valves
  • Accepts all locks with up to 9.4mm shackle diameter and 19mm or greater vertical shackle clearance
  • Service temperature -29 C to 149 C
  • Use Red and Green devices to show if valve's locked in open green or closed red position

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