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Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign & Label Printer

The Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer sets a new standard for safety and facility identification with unprecedented capabilities.

The BBP35 empowers you to create colourful signs and labels in the colours required to truly make an impact for safety, general directional signage, equipment and maintenance instructions and warnings and facility identification. The multi-colour sign and label printer for just about any and every workplace.

The versatile capability of the BBP35 to cut a wide range of shapes, print in multi-colour along with fast print speeds and easy to operate touchscreen interface, is genuinely setting new standards in safety and workplace identification.

The Brady BBP35 is compatible with 28 label and ribbon materials, has fast changeover, multiple print covers and intuitive operation for easy fast sign and label creation. Just walk up to the BBP35 and print! Connect to the Brady Workstation Label Apps for even greater power and versatility.

Check out the Brady BBP35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer Brochure. or view the videoto see the true power and performance of the BBP35.

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Features for Brady BBP®35 Label Printer

Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer makes creating multicolour visuals, signs and labels easy and fast with advanced features and capabilities. Colour is a major aspect in creating effective workplace signage and the BBP35 delivers multicolour printing. Automatic label setup – when the label cartridge is inserted, the BBP35 recognises the information and sets up the attributes and dimensions of the label so you can be printing labels straight away.

  • No more time wasted in calibration or scrolling through the screen selections – that’s automatically done for you.
  • No more wasted labels thanks to the auto set-up – forget trial labels, get straight to printing.
  • Fast 20 second material changeover so you can get on with the job faster
  • Easy ‘drop-in’ label and ribbon cartridge brings the printing operation within the capability of just about anyone. No tricky threading, spindle and sensor adjustments necessary.
  • Fast Print Speed of 5 inches per second – we know what that means – labour time-saving!
  • Multiple print colours – creativity at your fingertips to make highly noticeable signs and labels.
  • Intuitive, walk-up-and-print functionality makes the BBP35 the ideal addition to many workplaces as just about anyone can use it, with a few simple, basic training steps.

Label Printer Pack Includes:-

  • Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Cutter Cleaning Tool
  • Network Card
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Warranty Information

The Brady BBP®35 has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty*

*Warranty valid on new purchase and for all optional printer configurations. View Full Terms and Conditions (link

In addition to the Brady Printers global warranty, as a customer of Express Printers you will also enjoy access to our specialist, problem-solving team. We’re the Brady Printer specialists, readily available to assist you with any issues you may have with your Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer.

Applications of the Brady BBP®35 Label Printers

  • Arc Flash Labels
  • Facility identification
  • Safety signage and labelling
  • Cold-temperature labelling
  • Equipment marking and warnings
  • Floor marking and way-finding
  • GHS and chemical labels
  • Lean/5S
  • General way-finding and directional signage, especially safety warnings and directions
  • Glow in the dark labels for safety purposes
  • Magnetic labelling
  • Pipe and vale marking
  • Make your own rigid valve tags
  • Panel labelling
  • Push button labelling
  • Blank rigid panels
  • General signs and tags across the workplace
  • Product identification

Specifications for the Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer

Automatic Label Set Up: YES
Barcode Capability: YES
Calibration required: NO
Colour Printing Capability: Multicolour
Custom Media Parts Available: NO
Dimensions: 11” H x 19” W x 14.25” D
Display Size: 6.12” W x 3.62” H
Display Type: Colour touchscreen
User Interface: Touchscreen and keyboard
Estimated Media Changeover: 20 seconds
Font Sizes: 0.05” to 3.5”
Font Styles: Arial, Arial 65, Courier New, Tahoma, Times New Roman
Maximum Printed Label Length: 8.3 feet
Maximum Label/Tape Width: 4.25”
Maximum Liner Width: 4.33”
Maximum Print Speed: 5” per second
Maximum Print Width: 4”
Maximum Label Length: 0.5”
Maximum Labels per day: 600 x 2”x4”; 300 larger labels pd; based on 8hrs/5days
Number of Symbols: 664
Special Characters: 95 quantity
Power Supply: 110 to 240 V
Print technology: Thermal transfer
Print Multiple Copies: YES
Print Preview: YES
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Weight: 36 pounds
Barcode Sybmologies-Linear: QR Code, PDF 417, plus more through Brady Workstation
Barcode Symbologies -2D: 600 x 2”x4”; 300 larger labels pd; based on 8hrs/5days
Connectivity Options: Ethernet, Standalone Use, USB
Continuous & Die-Cut Materials: Supports continuous tapes and die-cut labels
Cutter Type: Auto cutter
Keyboard: QWERTY
Label/Media Format: Cartridge
Built-in Label Wizards: Arc flash, custom label, circle gauge, general templates, GHS/CLP, pre-made labels, gradient scale, pipe marker, tags, right to know, WHMIS
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Media Sensor Type: Notch
Memory: 240 MB
Operation Mode: Stand-alone and peripheral modes

Label and Ribbon Types Tab

Compatible Labels and Ribbons for the Brady BBP®35 Multicolor Sign and Label Printer

Compatible with the Brady B30 range of labels and ribbons, if your BB35 was manufactured after 1 September 2015.


  • BBP35 Universal Rolling Case - $240 incl Gst
  • BBP35 Thermal Transfer Printer Cleaning Kit – $57.93 Incl Gst
  • BBP35 Media Wipes – $ 56.10 incl GST



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