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Brady BBP33 Label Printer with Auto Cutter and LabelMark Software

The Brady BBP33 Label Maker is THE benchtop, industrial label printer that IS simple to use, powerful and will stun you with its brilliant speed!

The Brady BBP33 is compatible with a wide range of labels, ribbons and coloured tapes with easy material changeover. The ‘drop-in’ ribbon and label cartridge make the process virtually foolproof and super-fast – just drop-in the cartridge, start typing and you’re creating your own labels!

It’s an industrial label printer that’s simple, powerful and brilliantly fast. Exactly the way label making should be.

Check out the Brady BBP33 Label Marker Brochure or view the video to see just how easy it is to use!

Express Printers is one of the leading suppliers of Brady Printers here in Australia and we have the Brady BBP®33 Label Printer ready to ship to you, Australia-wide, along with stocks of the compatible ribbons, labels, and tapes. You can order right here online or give us a call on 1300 766 268.

Express Printers assure you of fast delivery and the back-up and support of our specialist problem-solving team to answer your questions.

Shop now for your Brady BBP®33 Label Printer with Auto Cutter and LabelMark Software with Express Printers.

Features for Brady BBP®33 Label Printer

The Brady BBP®33 offers you an entirely new way to print labels – the way it should be actually. With fast speed, easy operation and most importantly saves you time and saves wasting labels, will sit conveniently on your office desk or work bench, ready to print whenever you’re ready and is loaded with features to seriously simplify the process.

  • Label set-up is automatic with no calibration required – the 33 recognises your cartridges and with the Brady software, automatically sets up the label correctly for you.
  • The first label printed is the first label you can use – no wasted labels
  • No sensor adjustment required, the software handles all that
  • Eliminates the need to specify if the supply is gapped or notched
  • Label dimensions are already set up
  • Label file patches are imported automatically via the software
  • No need to scroll through lists to select your label part
  • Only 20 seconds to changeover ribbons and labels
  • Easy ‘drop-in’ cartridge changeover
  • Eliminates need to thread ribbon around spools and print heads
  • Cartridges ensure the ink side of the ribbon is always facing the correct way
  • No label calibration is required or alignment or sensor adjustments
  • Even on sleeves, there are no wasted labels to save you money
  • 425 parts across 39 materials are suitable for the BBP33 to meet your primary, secondary and many more labelling applications.
  • Wire and panel labels as well as safety and arc flash labels
  • Easily prints rating plate and circuit board labels, production line facility labels, pipe markers, 5S labels and general purpose die cut labels.
  • GHS/CLP chemical labels as well as the full selection of laboratory labels.
  • Custom label sizes available
  • Connectivity Options

Label Printer Pack Includes:-

  • BBP®33 Printer with Auto Cutter and choice of either LabelMark or MarkWare software
  • Power cord
  • USE cable
  • Drivers CD
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Cutter Cleaning Tool
  • Quick Start Guide

Warranty Information

The Brady BBP®33 has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty* *Warranty valid on new purchase and for all optional printer configurations. View Full Terms and Conditions.

Plus, as an Express Printers customer, you have the access to our problem-solving team, the Brady Printer specialists. We’re on hand to assist you with any issues you may have with your Brady BBP®33 Sign & Label Printer

Applications of the Brady BBP®33 Label Printers

  • Industrial labelling
  • Arc Flash labelling
  • Circuit Board labelling
  • Product ID labelling
  • Raised panel labelling
  • Wires and cable labelling
  • Safety labels
  • Rating plate labels
  • Production line facility labels
  • Pipe markers
  • 5S labels
  • General purpose die cut labels
  • GHS/CLP chemical labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Plus many more

Specifications for the Brady BBP33 Label Printer with Auto Cutter and LabelMark Software

Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: 100mm/sec
Tape Widths (mm): 12.7 – 107.95
Max Label Width(mm): 107.95
Max Print Width (mm): 100
Materials supported: Continuous, pre-printed die cut, general die cut, wire labels & sleeves
PC Connect: YES
Stand Alone: YES
Software Compatibility: MarkWare™ & LabelMark™
Font Sizes: Up to 99.06mm with MarkWare
Calibration Required?: NO
Ribbon Roll Installation: Supplied in cartridge, snaps into place, 5 sec changeover
Label Roll Installation: Supplied in cartridge, drops into place, 15 sec changeover
Connectivity Options: Standard: USB, Ethernet. Optional: WiFi, WiFi Direct
Colour Capability: Single colour printing
Backlit Screen : n/a
Serialisation: YES with MarkWare™ Software
Barcode: YES with MarkWare™ Software
Symbols: YES with MarkWare™ Software
Power Supply: AC power

Label Types

Compatible Labels and Ribbons for the Brady BBP®33 Label Printer




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