BPTL-23-427 for TLS2200 - Self Laminating labels

BPTL-23-427 for TLS2200 - Self Laminating labels


Express Printers and Labels


  • Self Laminating Labels
  • Description for Bulk TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Labels
  • Bulk roll of labels for the TLS 2200® & TLS-PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Portable Printers.
  • Please Note: This material is UL recognized with its respective ribbon.
  • See the "Recommended Ribbon Series" for the appropriate ribbon to use.
  • Specifications for Bulk TLS 2200®/TLS PC Link™ Labels
  • Material Type B427 Self Laminating Vinyl

    Communications Cables, General Identification, Panel Identification, Voice/Data Identification
    Agency Approval(s)/Compliance: UL Recognized
    Size: 25.40mm x 101.60mm
    Please Note: Whilst pictogram may not show the size or colour you require, you will receive the correct item
    Max Characters Per Line For Font #2: 24
    Max Lines of Text For Font #2: 10
    Label Type/Style: Self-Laminating Label
    Colour: White/Translucent
    Finish: Matte
    Qty Per Row: 1
    Material Type: Vinyl
    Material Description: Self-Laminating Vinyl
    Brady Material #: B-427
    Express Safety Catalogue: pg. 279
    Recommended Ribbon Series: R4310
    Suggested Ribbon Part#: R4310
    Acceptable Ribbon Series: R6210
    Cable Type: Backbone Cable
    Printer Compatibility: BMP71, TLS 2200, TLS-PC Link
    Special Properties: Excellent abrasion and smudge resistance, Excellent water & oil resistance, Self-Extinguishing, Self-Laminating
    RoHS Compatibility: Compliant with RoHS Directive. NOTE: All statements concerning RoHS Directive compliance refer to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. Product compliance is based upon information provided by suppliers of the raw materials used by Brady to manufacture these products, or by independent laboratory testing of these products. As such, Brady makes no independent representations or warranties, express or implied and assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information.
    QTY/UOM: 1,000/Roll

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