BBP31 and BBP33 R6600 BLACK Resin Ribbon

BBP31 and BBP33 R6600 BLACK Resin Ribbon




  • Description for BBP31 and BBP33 Heavy Duty Print Ribbon
  • "Drop & Click" print ribbons for quick and easy supply changes.
  • Brady Series R6600 thermal transfer ribbon is a resin formulation which offers excellent solvent and friction resistance when used with Brady heat-shrinkable tubing materials, including B-342, B-7641, B-7642 and B-7646.
  • Ribbons ship in self-contained cartridges that drop straight into printer with a “click”.
  • Printer notifies user if installed ribbon is not recommended for installed labels.
  • Size: 109.98mm x 60.96m
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Printer Compatibility: BBP31, BBP33

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