B30-25-595-BLNKYL Outdoor Die Cut YELLOW

B30-25-595-BLNKYL Outdoor Die Cut YELLOW




  • Description for BBP31 and BBP33 Pre Cut Blank Labels - YELLOW
  • This is a durable, low-shrink vinyl with our most aggressive adhesive.
  • Adheres to "difficult" low-surface energy items (PVC piping, blow-moulded equipment cases, ABS plastics, recycled plastics)
  • It conforms to irregular, curved, rough and highly textured surfaces (painted cinder blocks, uneven wood, textured plastics, paper-jacketed pipes, powder-coated surfaces).
  • Specification Of BBP31 and BBP33 Pre-Cut Blank Labels
  • Size: A = 152.4mm x B = 100mm x D = 158.8mm x E = 108mm
  • Colour: YELLOW
  • Material Description: Outdoor Vinyl Tape
  • Printer Compatibility: BBP31, BBP33
  • Recommended Ribbon: R10000
  • QTY: Roll of 175

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