For several years Brady Printers’ customers have found that the IDXpert Handheld Labeller had everything they needed to be an identification expert. So here’s the big news – we can now offer you even more the get even the toughest labelling jobs done even faster and even more easily with the Brady BMP®51 Label Maker.

The IDXpert has been discontinued and in its place in the handheld portable range emerges the BMP®51. Versatile, packed with exciting new features and even more impressive printing capabilities than you experienced with the IDXpert, the 51 is THE printer to print labels on the go.

So if you’re interested in the latest in handheld label printers, head over to our Brady BMP®51 Label Maker webpage and check out the features.

Brady BMP®51 Label Maker is packed with all the features you need for printing labels on the go. This versatile, feature-packed unit with impressive printing capabilities, will help you get even the toughest labelling tasks done faster and more easily.

To support our IDXpert customers, we will stock the range of labels and consumables to suit your labeller for as long as they are available from Brady Printers. So if you need to order labels, cartridges and accessories for your IDXpert, simply order from our online store for fast Australia-wide delivery.

If you would like to discuss upgrading to the Brady BMP®51 Label Maker, the differences, improvements and enhancements compared with the IDXpert, please give us a call. Express Printers are your problem-solving support team when it comes to Brady Printers in Australia.

So shop now for your Brady IDXpert cartridges and labels from Express Printers.